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Posting for post's sake.

It's official!  I'm no longer a paid account user :tear:

I know.  It's tragic.  But I think I'll be okay.  The 6 icons aren't as bad as I thought it would be annnnd other than that nothing has really changed!

So, I went and saw hp5 again.  I really do love that movie.  It is soo well done.  yaaaay new director man!  Then we went to a local diner that was pretty good except for the funky tasting water. ew.  But my food was good so w/e.

Oh!  and we're on like day 12 or something since I last practiced.  (I hope it's only 12) :-/  Not good.  The flute is very mad at me.  So tomorrow I will practice!  (All of you must yell at me so I practice!)

hah, isn't it funny that I barely make any posts when I have a paid account but now that I don't have one anymore ... I start posting.  Maybe it's just because I feel bad for neglecting lj for so long and the notice in my email that said that lj was finally turning it's back on me as well made me feel a little guilty.


But I do have some posts in the works!  MY giant London pictures post is on its way!!  It's just so hard to find time to do it all at once so I've been doing it a few pictures here and few pictures there.

Also, my ootp review..... which is actually very late by now.  You guys probably don't want that anymore do you?

But I also have college pictures! 

So that makes threeeeee posts coming!  THREE  wheee

..that is.  if I ever find the time to do them all!

P.S. do you think I should make a friends cut/ make one of those fun friends only banner thingies?


Strange tasting water???
And I too loved the Harry Potter movie it was amazing.
yeah, did I mention it was a road side diner? :-/

yaaaaay movie! My goal is to see it 4 times. :-P so far we're up to 2.
I vote yes for the friends only banner but I'm a graphics whore so I just like pretty things lol.
yeeeeah I really should. You see I've stolen taken with permission many friends only banners from random people but I haven't actually used one yet!

I definitely think it's about time I start.

Sorry, dear. I wasn't sure if you still wanted a paid account for that exact reason. :x I hadn't seen very many posts from you on my flist (that is, when I manage to find the time to flist, of course).

And my mom is seeing HP5 today. :D Whee.


Or fear the wrath of your fluuuuuuuute.

And banner-making is always fun. :D
yeeah. I think I'm going to have more time on my hands now to use lj. And plus, a free account isn't that bad. I'll just have to change my user pics more often!

(and I rather liked your gift :D)

o0o0o good for your mom. My parents really liked it so I hope she does too!

I KNOW I MUST PRACTICE!! ...but instead I'm on here... I BLAME YOU! O:-)
(I'm glad. :D And hopefully I'll be able to escort you at some point to buy some stuff there... I really want some. :x)

My mom loved it. :D She hadn't read the book in awhile so she kept whispering, loudly, "OH, OH, OH, I REMEMBER THIS PART," at which point, I was forced to "SHHHH!" her.



PRACTICE!!!!!!!!! And then go see the movie AGAIN! :-D
haha sounds like a good plan. I need to practice!! bah

Or ... BAD THINGS WILL HAPPEN. Dun dun dun.

I am anxiously awaiting your posts. I need Boston/Skidmore/HP midnight showing and party/London pictures!

And psh, now that HP is over you have all the time in the world. :P
okay... so you're telling me to practice and then you're telling me to make you those posts.

.... this hurts my brain.

I want to make fun posts but... I also REALLY need to practice.

..what to do what to do...
But... but you have all this time on your hands! You could practice for, say, two hours straight and then make posts and everything would be lovely.

... unless you actually have something to do today. In which case the practicing part can wait until tomorrow. :D